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Over the past couple of years, the trend for interiors seems to be heavily targeted to neutral colour palettes as it gives a room a timeless and effortless appeal, creating a blank canvas where you can add pops of colours through accessorising the space.

Why stick with one colour throughout the year when you can mix and match seasonally to transform your space regularly by introducing items to give a room a new appearance without having to get the paint brush out when you feel like a change.

Adding colour to a room is simple, a handful of homewares such as artwork, rugs, scatter cushions and vases with floral displays in are just a few ways which you can transform any setting.

 Let’s start with artwork…

Having beautiful artwork dotted around the house can add vibrancy to any living space. A beautiful head turning piece which will be the talking point of the room to spark conversations. Not only is artwork visually pleasing but studies have shown that having dressed walls is a great way to stimulate creativity. Additionally artwork can be very personal as everyone has their own style and can be a great way to express you taste and personality. 


20th century botanical painting  All rooms can also be transformed with the addition of scatter cushions. Not only do they bring colour to the room but also add texture, warmth, and pattern. Again this allows the home owner to express their personality with the designs.

In addition to cushions another great way to add colour to these rooms is by accessorising with throws and blankets. A colourful throw on the bed to tie in the colours from the scatter cushions to compliment the room can be a very powerful simple addition to complete a space.

Throws are not only a practical homeware to provide comfort by cosying up under on an evening whilst watching the television or reading a good book but are also used as a decorators piece when neatly folded over a chair arm or in a basket in the corner of the room where they can be kept tidy when they aren’t in use.


Popular flooring choices currently consist of hardwood, tiles, or stone as a form of practicality and cleanliness however this can reduce the cosy comfort that carpets provide so by adding rugs to a room with a wood or stone floor softens the noise and brings warmth to the space. As well as practical benefits rugs are also a great way to add texture, pattern, and colour to a room. A great use for a rug is if it contains multiple colours this can allow you to pick a base for the accessories you then choose to add to that room to tie the setting together.

Modern tufted wool rug

The trend that appears to be a huge staple in homes right now and for the foreseeable future is dried flowers. Fresh flowers smell great and yes provide colours to enhance a room but sadly the longevity of fresh flowers and upkeep of them is a hassle that some people do not want so dried flowers are a perfect way of bringing the outside in. Beautiful colours and textures to create a bouquet to add to a vase to display within a room.

Dried flowers when stored correctly can last years and allow you to change them seasonally. Autumn and Winter see the oranges and reds dominating the homes to bring warmth and a cosy feel to the house. Spring and Summer brings the pinks and yellows to brighten up the interiors for the warmer months. Tying the coloured accent flowers in with neutral staples to create bouquets of floral arrangements to dot around your home is one of our favourite ways of keeping a room seasonal and fresh feeling.

Collecting homewares which you can change over seasonally is also a great way of giving your home a spruce every few months. The brighter colours to warm the room and bring vibrancy in the spring and summer (pinks, yellows light blues, mint greens) and then darker colours for the autumn and winter to bring a cosy feel to the home (reds, burnt oranges, greens and navy). Meaning you can simply keep a room feeling new and interesting by only changing the small additions you have in that space, from scatters and throws to even the glasses you drink from. 

Don't get stuck in a rut and feel the need to keep the room the same from the moment it is completed. Consider the small changes you can make seasonally to create the biggest impacts.

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