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My passion for interior design started from an early age. I would watch an array of Interior Design TV programmes and seeing how rooms and homes could be transformed by using some simple steps.

When the time came to leave secondary school, my interest had grown to the point where I was helping my parents pick and choose items for their home and being proud of what I had managed to create.

I decided to go against the university option and join the interior design institute and did an online course to help work alongside the antique furniture that I was buying and selling which was now becoming Tallboy Interiors.

After studying the course for several weeks I realised there was a lot of pushing towards use of “interior design rules” which, it is safe to say, didn’t work for me.

I have never been one to follow rules when it came to interior decorating. I believe the interior of your home should show as much of your personality as the way you dress. Thankfully I was given a very good mentor who shared my views. With her guidance and my own imagination I passed the course with top marks.

My interior design background now allows TallBoy Interiors to offer a bespoke interior design service to help clients create there perfect interior.  Over the years I have been welcomed into my client’s homes to get a feel of what their style is and to give my view on the right items, materials and colours to make their home unique to them.

I appreciate how hard it is when presented with a room or even a full house to get the right feel for the space. I strongly believe if you go with your heart you will always love what you come up with. I am here to give you the assistance and confidence to mix both antique and mid-century furniture to bring a room to life.

I have been fortunate enough over the last couple of years to have worked with interiors designers from around the country, helping to create unique interior projects for individuals, hotels and show homes. This has given me great insight into how different styles can work together, which has been invaluable when growing my business.

Working on projects for businesses such as hotels and restaurants where it is inevitable that damage will happen over time, could mean using antique pieces are the perfect fit. Not just for the superior quality - antique furniture will have “natural aging” which adds character. So if antique furniture marked from everyday use in a hotel or restaurant, it will not detract. Conversely, modern pieces will show any little mark which will look out of place and makes the item look “damaged” rather than aged.

Interior design is my passion. From Georgian Townhouses, Modern Builds, Barn Conversions and Stately Homes: no project is too big or too small.

Every home can adapt to accommodate an antique interior, it just needs a few key pieces of furniture… and remember antiques (although old) aren't outdated.

Recently I posted on my Instagram a video of how my girlfriend and I have added antique furniture into our lounge at home and received a handful of comments saying, “wow it looks so modern” “where are the antiques?”.

Antique Interiors don’t have to look old, its all about you’re personal style, how you choose to upholster, where you put the item and what you put it with to compliment your space.

With that been said please find the drop-down section on our website for our Antique Interior Design services which are available, I would love to help you on your next project!

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