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TallBoy Interiors is home to an extensive collection of global antiques for sale, procured from across the EU. In our travels to find the finest vintage items, we often come across furniture, art and more from some truly unique places! Today, we're bringing you some of our current antique stock for sale with exciting origins. From Japan to Africa and everywhere in-between, the stories of these antique furniture pieces are often as beautiful as the pieces themselves. Learn all about our well-travelled antique furniture for sale below.

TallBoy Interiors Blacksmith Made Forged Steel Candelabra

Let's start as close as we can to home this newly forged steel candelabra from British Blacksmith Sam Pearce. Based on brutalist candlestick holders Matt has seen during his travels, Sam hand-forged this tiered candelabra from beaten steel. Designed to hold 25mm candles, the patina on these has already taken a beautiful form that will continue to improve.

19th century antique French sofa with painted frame

Now to our neighbours across the channel. This gorgeous French sofa now awaits you at our antique showroom in Malton,  procured by Matt Dixon in France. The early 19th-century design is painted in a light pale green and white colour that is truly distinctive. When combined with the intricate carving and numerous legs, this French sofa is certainly a piece you'll love to discuss with guests. The padding of this sofa has been lovingly restored already. Still, our in-house upholstery team is available to introduce new material and seat cushions beautifully.

20th-century African tribal mask from Ivory Coast- Blue

During one of our travels to the EU to procure antique furniture, we came across this beautiful piece from the Ivory Coast. Featuring a striking blue colour and naturalistic carving, this lovely African tribal mask looks fantastic on any mantlepiece in the home. We can trace its history back to the 20th century, yet this mask is still embroiled in intrigue. We'd firmly recommend that this piece finds its final resting place in your home.

Pair of Japanese Influence oak and rush seated armchairs

Finally, we head to the Asian continent for our latest Japanese-influenced piece, this gorgeous set of rush seated armchairs from the mid 20th century. These oak chairs are in excellent condition and feature a delightful patina all over. In addition, their larger, oversized nature offers a bold, Japanese inspired character that will be the highlight of any living room.


As you can see, you can indeed travel the world with our range of antique furniture for sale. Procured from across the EU by our antique expert Matt Dixon, we're confident you'll find a gorgeous piece of vintage or antique furniture for sale you're sure to love from one of the many cultures around the globe. So please browse our range today.

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