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Lately, the popularity of antique seating has really taken off!

From antique sofas to antique armchairs and dining chairs, the demand for our seating is keeping us on our toes!

Antique seating makes up a large amount of our stock which we source from independent sellers, auctions, country house sales and French brocantes. It is hard to imagine what chairs look like when covered in a fabric you cannot envisage in your home.

Therefore, the majority of our antique seating on our website and in the showroom is in white calico, ready to be upholstered in your choice of fabric. Thus, the clients can see the quality of the framework and visualise the piece as a design, not as an old piece of furniture. This choice gives them a fresh mind when imagining the antique seating in their home upholstered to their style and taste.

Unlike many other companies, we can do all the work in house with our upholstery team. Our service means you get the style of antique chair upholstered in your choice of material all in one place, providing an effortless experience and guaranteeing you a piece that is perfect for your home.

We offer a great range of materials from fabric houses such as Warwick, Rose Uniacke, Fermoie, to name a few. Working with all these companies mean we have access to upholstery material in a vast range of colours, patterns and styles.

Once you have picked the antique chair and fabric, you can relax and leave it with us as we will turn this around between 4- 6 weeks, meaning we can deliver you your item within a short timeframe.

Antique seating has so many advantages compared to buying a new piece of furniture. No matter how long you have the chair, it will never date or lose its value; Especially when compared to mainstream furniture stores where the value drops as soon as it is placed into your home.

When the time comes to change and sell a modern item, you are looking at a roughly 80% drop in the value, if you're lucky. Antique seating, when sold, can usually get a greater return allowing you to have money to spend on another item you love.

Particularly as we get to this time of year, you will start seeing adverts on the TV saying, "order now for Christmas delivery". We are always amazed by how long it takes for you to get a new sofa or furniture set with lead times currently looking at 20 Weeks plus four months for a couch!

Not only is there long lead times to get modern pieces but compared to antique furniture, it is not sustainable. Low-quality modern items are often constructed using machinery and shipped worldwide, which has a more severe impact on the environment than handcrafted antique items.

In our house, we have an antique armchair that sits in the corner of the room, and whenever we have new guests come to visit, it is always the focal and talking point of the room. When we got the chair, it was upholstered in a brown fabric and looked dated. But after six weeks at the upholstery workshop, it came back transformed into a beautiful Skandilock Sheep Hide, which everyone compliments!

The majority of the styles that you will see around in modern homeware shops are copied from Antique Furniture designs. Wishbone Chairs & Chesterfield Sofas have all been brought back to life with people not realising that these items have been around for many years.

The most popular seating trend seems to follow in the "Scandi" inspired designs of Mid-Century Chairs with the wooden framework and the upholstered fabric cushioning.

Antique seating can be an excellent investment, holding its value and becoming a feature piece in anyone's home. It is a trend everyone should be jumping on to buy a statement piece to transform a room and add character. What is your favourite part of antique seating? Have you got a statement piece in your home?

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