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What is your definition of antique furniture? Do you think of dark, brown wooden furniture? The kind of furniture that looks and feels over 100 years old, or just plain old damaged furniture?

Without first-hand experience, people have wildly different perceptions of antique furniture. But, when I think of the antique furniture we offer, I see a piece of history. A sustainable quality item with so much potential and character. Here's why:

Let's start with the sustainable part…

The majority of antique furniture has been hand made by talented craftsmen throughout the decades using traditional techniques. The items have been passed down through the years, with most antiques not travelling far throughout their time.

Compare this to a modern mainstream shop. Most furniture is produced in different countries, using large machinery and transported worldwide to get to your door. Once they've arrived, they will sit in your home for just a few years until trends change. Then, a majority will be turned into a landfill.

Antique products are a great way of supporting the environment and increasing your green footprint. When you're buying an antique, you're buying something designed to last.

Quality Materials

Artisans would have used quality materials such as brass, bronze, and solid wood to create their antique and mid-century furniture. Thanks to their handmade techniques, every piece will be different, allowing you to have a unique one-off piece in your interior.

Antique furniture is also great value for money. If you chose to buy something of similar quality made today, this could cost triple the price you would pay for antique furniture.

There are some supremely talented furniture makers in the world today who stick to the aged traditions of the craftspeople before them. Still, most mass-produced modern furniture pieces are made using materials such as plywood and synthetic materials, which is why larger companies are deemed more attractive with their lower prices. Mass-produced products usually cannot withstand repetitive use due to the material's durability. Their lack of durability results in even further expenses when you need to buy replacements in the future.

Resell Value

One of the many advantages of buying antique furniture is how well the items hold their value. When it comes to changing an antique piece of furniture, you can always sell the item to a new owner. Antique furniture's high resell value allows you to spend money on new furniture for your home.

Antique dealers are always on the hunt for new pieces. So if you are the current owner of something you are ready to change, then reach out to an auction house or local dealer who sells items of a similar style. I'm sure most will be more than happy to offer a reasonable price and take it off your hands if it's in good shape.


The vast amount of years and periods has allowed so many styles and designs to be available. So if you're on the lookout for a specific piece of antique furniture, be it a piece of seating, cupboards, dining table etc., Get in touch with TallBoy Interiors.


Being able to help my clients source items to find them the perfect piece they have been looking for to transform their interior is one of my favourite things!

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