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Antique and Vintage Kilim Rugs are traditionally made by flat weaving wool to insulate the floor. They soften noise and add a pop of colour into any home.

Originally from Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East and Asia - Kilim Rugs are a flat patterned piece of colourful tapestry that has made a comeback over the last couple of years as feature pieces in the home.

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Kilim Rug

The intense colours of the rugs were extracted from plants and minerals to create geometric and abstract patterns.

The patterns entwined within the rug can determine which area the Kilim Rug came from, as each region and country tend to follow similar themes.

The larger Kilim Rugs tend to be the most popular in our range, as they make an excellent setting for a dining room to centre the dining table over. It is easy to compliment Kilim Rugs as they are so brightly coloured, allowing you to pick out your favourite colour to work around accessorising the room with similar colour cushions, fabrics, and artwork.

In contrast, choosing a bright colour Kilim Rug to be a feature piece might mean you decide to make everything around it neutral to ensure that the rug stands out and all eyes are drawn towards it.

Kilim Rug Closeup

Since becoming so popular again, Kilim Rugs have been copied and modernised as new items for sale within mass made stockists. You’d think because of this that they would be sold for a fraction of the price of vintage rugs. Wrong! When browsing around a popular furniture store a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked to see a high end three and four-figure sum on the price tag. Vintage Kilim Rugs that have been hand-made and woven are available to purchase at a much better value than these mass-made products. Factory-made copies are created by exchanging woven wool for synthetic fabrics such as Nylon and Polyester. The advantage of opting for an antique rug is that no design will be the same because traditionally woven rugs the hand-made versions were never identical, so you can ensure that your feature piece is one of a kind.

Kilim Chairs

In one image of one of our Kilim Rugs available online, we have chosen to set up the room scene by adding dining chairs that compliment the rug, picking out the mint greens and intense reds in the delicate fabric. The natural stone floor makes the perfect background to show the beautiful rug as a statement piece.

If you decide you want a beautiful Kilim rug in your home, but it wouldn’t work practically in your setting as a floor piece, you can always use it as a wall hanging instead, as a form of artwork or feature wall.

Front-facing Kilim Rug

Have you already fallen in love with our Kilim Rugs for sale? How have you styled yours? Or will you be jumping straight online with a new lease of inspiration to complete a room or add to a look, something that you have been missing?

Check out our range of Kilim Rugs today, or browse our range of gorgeous antique furniture and room decorations for sale for other amazing design pieces. Not sure what you're looking for? Read more of our blogs and guides here.
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