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Artwork is something that many of us can quite easily over look in favour of a jazzy wallpaper or plain minimalist space. No choice is right or wrong, its all about experimenting with what you personally prefer and making the space you have unique to you. 

But bare in mind that artwork can be extremely influential on the space. Take a plain room, The walls can be white or something neutral as is the floor. There are no colours in the room already which you can use as accents. But if you put a piece of artwork on the wall no matter if it is full of vibrance or a black and white photograph it gives you another set of colours to work into a room. Be it the upholstery of the furniture, cushions, lamps or flowers it just helps tie together parts of the room to give it the complete finished look. 

This rule can be applied in any room really no matter what the choice of decor. Take the bottom photo as an example, it has dark walls with patterned wall paper and a mix of patterns in the cushions. It has had one simple piece of artwork added to it and this brings a burst of orange into the room that has been included in the cushions and it just ties the design together. Effortless really. 

Artwork is a very easy way of bringing in another set of elements to a space. So next time you are designing a room and are stuck for a colour choice, go out and buy a piece of artwork that you fall in love with and use that as your beginning for the design and build a room around it. Use the colours, shapes, and textures that the piece has in it and create something homely, complete and unique.

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