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Everyone has their own style and that is what makes this business so interesting. As trends change the pieces that appear on the open market change and that keeps me thinking of how it can work in a design.

I want to provide a service that is totally personal to the client and help them use their imagination to create something unique.

"TallBoy incorporates everything you want too see in a dealer, integrity, quality and talent."

Joseph Berry Interiors, London

"Thank you Matt for helping us decide on the fabric for our chairs. We couldn't be happier with the service and the quality of the work."

John, Norfolk

"I've been extremely impressed with the quality of pieces I've bought from TallBoy Interiors. Matt thoroughly photographs all the stock and everything arrives as described and true to the photos. Communication is excellent and he has even organised all the deliveries. It's always a pleasure to buy from Tallboy Interiors!"

Rococo Davis, Rococo interiors & furnishings, London

The sofa arrived and immediately got the seal of approval from the most important member of the family! Nivola the dog! Thank you again Matt you do a great job!

Shannon Levi, Rome Italy

Who is TallBoy?

My name is Matt Dixon and for as long as I can remember I have had a love for history and design which I find relate very closely.

Since starting up TallBoy interiors 4 years ago I have learnt so much about what works together and I find that you can mix modern and classic pieces to create a truly unique design.

I am not afraid to express myself through the items I buy as I believe your home should represent as much about you as the way you dress.

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Current Stock

I buy all over the UK and Europe sourcing interesting and stylish items for your home. I am constantly trying to change peoples perception of the word antique and prove that just because an item is old doesn't mean its old fashioned. Great design work perfectly in any house.

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The Showroom

2020 has seen the launch of my first physical shop! It is very exciting and nerve-racking in equal measure. I am now based in the incredible town of Malton which is full of interesting independent businesses, pefect for a day out exploring. My shop is a Georgian methodist church.

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For the past couple of years we have been able to offer traditional upholstery on all of our seating. Rather than buying your chair from one dealer then finding an upholsterer then choosing your material we do everything for you right here. Saving you a lot of hassle.

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