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Great designs come in all shapes and forms. None are right or wrong but for summer 2017 bright colours and bold patterns seem to be the go to style for any home. The designer Matthew Williamson has built his brand on going above and beyond the norm and creating his truly spectacular wallpapers, fabrics and furniture. The patterns seem to take a lot of inspiration from 19th century designs but are given a modern twist that allows them to work with both modern and traditional furniture. 

Mixing styles, ages, colours and patterns is not something to be afraid of it just takes confidence. They best way to go about is to start with a base, so take a wallpaper or a piece of furniture. Follow that with floor choice and address the main colours and patterns of the room. After that pick your lighting, be it spot lights, a central chandelier or a run of pendants. Lighting will give your room atmosphere. Take a minute to stand in the space and see how it makes you feel. This will then give you a sense of the style of furniture to add into it. I would always suggest choosing two design periods for the furniture. For example Victorian and 1970's.

If done correctly the results will be absolutely stunning and unique. To source individual items that are tailored to your space the best place to look for these is at antique fairs up and down the country and on websites of trusted sellers. This allows you to get the genuine pieces that you need to make the space just right. Cost of antiques is always likely to be lower than buying brand-new furniture. I have seen armchairs and sofas at fairs for as low as £50 and lighting for as little as £30. There are of course the more finished and luxurious antiques and vintage pieces that would cost more so if you have to budget dont be afraid, there are some truly one off pieces available. I always advise you to buy the genuine items when you can as you can count on a couple of things which are they will always go up in value and their quality is superior to anything made today. Going to antique shops and fairs is also a great day out for individuals, couples or full families. Make the most of it and be creative with what you buy.

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