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In interior design it can be very easy to fall into the trap that only the biggest brightest pieces make the room. In actual fact the room can be made by much smaller details. It could be from the rug on the floor, to the cushions of the chairs or the artwork on the walls.
For me it is always important to have some fun little pieces in a space that give the room a bit of character. If you don't personally like fun random pieces the same principle can apply to adding drama to a room. By simply putting a mirror in a dull corner or a striking piece of art the room can be transformed.
The best bit about small pieces is you can keep swapping and changing, so if you have lived with a certain piece for a little while and fancy a change it is a much easier piece to replace than a dining table for example.
The smaller details should be used to add a bit of your own personality to a
room. No rules, no guidelines. You know what you like and your instinct is
sometimes the best thing for you to follow.
Your home has to tell as much about you as the way you dress. It has to show your character and that is why I believe antiques are becoming more popular and are being used more often, because if you bought some pieces from a John lewis style shop there is a good chance you are one of thousands of people who also bought that same piece. Where as with antiques it is more than likely you are the only one to have that piece.
So pay attention to the smaller items and put your own spin on the room!
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