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Since 2018, TallBoy Interiors has provided a complete upholstery service on a number of our antique sofas and armchairs for sale.
We utilise an in-house upholsterer based in our local area, allowing you to use upholstery services at the click of a button. Our local upholsterer is a Master Craftsmen with time-served. His 30 years of experience is something you can't get with furniture upholsters nearby.
Our upholstery services at TallBoy interiors focus on using the traditional techniques of local upholsters to provide sympathetic restorations of antique sofas and armchairs with a new, contemporary twist.
Where we differ from local upholsterers, however, is in our incredible convenience. Our upholstery services allow you to choose your antique sofa or armchair, the upholstery material used and the service options you require. All this from the comfort of your home!
Of course, if you'd like to see your antique furniture in person before using our upholstery services, why not check out our antique showroom?
Please utilise the drop-down menu featured on all applicable antique pieces to capitalise on the services of our local upholsterers.

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