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Since starting TallBoy Interiors I have always had a number of armchairs and sofas available that are ready for reupholstery, and since 2018 have offered full upholstery on all seating on the website with the simple click of a button. Your chair or sofa will be upholstered by my in-house upholsterer who is a time served Master Craftsman with over 30 years experience of high end bespoke upholstery and has worked with some of the finest interior designers in the country. He uses time honoured traditional upholstery techniques to sympathetically restore antique pieces but can do so with a contemporary twist.

What I have done to achieve the easiest stress free purchasing experience for you is create the ability to purchase the item, the option for upholstery and your choice of material all from the comfort of your home with no wait time for a quote.
You will notice when you select a chair or sofa you like a drop down menu titled Upholstery with two options, No or Yes will appear. Yes will tell you the total price of the piece upholstered before purchasing so it is clear of the added cost. If you choose to select Yes then the price you see is all you need to pay with the excepiton of your fabric choice.
I know a lot of you may already have your own material you want to use which is absolutely fine. The chair listing will state how many metres of material is required and then you can send that to me direct. Alternatively should you want to browse a selection to get ideas please go to the material heading. You can purchase direct by selecting the amount of material required. If you have still not found the perfect pattern please let me know as I will be able to advise on other options available. We have hundreds to choose from.

I hope that the ease of ordering upholstery will give you a pleasant and stress free experience. With a few clicks you will have a beautifully bespoke finished chair or sofa that will arrive at your address in 4-6 weeks.

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