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"Bold as Brass" is a term used to describe one who exudes a strong sense of confidence and bravado. Whilst the phrase comes from a politician known as Brass Crosby in the late 1700s, it's safe to say that brass furniture exudes the same bold characteristics.

Brass lamps are a trendy piece of furniture that often finds their way into our stock. Brass lamps have a long history that gives them a reputation as highly sought-after antique pieces. Learn about the history and nature of the brass lamp antiques you can find for sale at TallBoy Interiors.

What is Brass?

From Doorknobs to statues and even instruments, brass is a common material with a rich history. Similar to bronze with a gold-like appearance, bronze is an alloy containing copper and zinc. Examples of brass being in use range back to pre-history!

Brass is a unique material that combines opulence, versatility and economics in a healthy balance that makes it a perfect material to work within many industries. Brass is malleable, beautiful and even antimicrobial. Brass has been a favoured building material of cultures across the globe for centuries.

One of the most significant aspects of brass is its durability and effortless shine. Brass's workability has led to everyday use in furniture throughout the decades, which has luckily survived due to the natural strength and appearance of the material.

Brass Lamps Explained

Brass lamps are a prevalent category of antique, seen across cultures and styles. Perhaps it is the natural shine and elegance of brass that has led to its prevalence in lighting throughout the decades. The final result is certainly effective! When you're looking for a bit of art-deco charm or a genuinely excellent Victorian piece, you're likely to find a brass piece that will serve you well in our stock. Brass's natural malleability leads to some incredibly intricate designs that fit perfectly in any room.

Brass furniture also blends seamlessly into many environments, yet given room to shine can become a central focus. You can incorporate the monotone, metallic look into even the most modern spaces with the right lampshade, or you may let its age shine in original condition. When it comes to lighting, brass is the way to go!


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