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Many might consider antiques and technology to be exact opposites. Still, innovation is the key to selling products of all kinds in today's world. The popularity of our range on Instagram and the use of our eCommerce site are vital parts of our antique business nowadays.

In today's world, even currency is rapidly advancing. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum allow for secure, private transactions and are now viable for purchases of all kinds. TallBoy Interiors now supports both of these cryptocurrencies when you purchase antiques from our site. Learn more about cryptocurrency and our new system below!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Crypto technology is an incredibly complicated subject that takes extensive study to understand fully. For our purposes, cryptocurrency is a decentralised payment method that allows you to pay online securely and privately. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum exist outside the traditional banking system. All transactions are recorded anonymously on the blockchain. By paying with cryptocurrency, you are ensuring your privacy online.

Why Purchase Antiques with Cryptocurrency?

If you own cryptocurrency, you understand the numerous benefits of more significant financial transactions such as this. Bitcoin and Ethereum utilise a peer-to-peer, anonymous transaction system.

This means that when you purchase from us, we don't need to know anything other than your name and delivery information. No banking details are required! Keeping your banking information off the internet is a great way to retain your privacy, especially if you're purchasing your antiques on a public wifi network, such as what you might find in a coffee shop. 

Purchasing antiques online is safer and more accessible than ever with TallBoy Interiors.

How to purchase Antiques with Cryptocurrency?

Purchasing with cryptocurrency is just as easy as buying with your card at TallBoy Interiors.

Once you've added your items to your cart, head to the checkout screen.

Enter your name, email and address at the checkout screen, and you’ll move on to the payment page. To pay with cryptocurrency, click Coinbase Commerce.

Enter the login information to your Coinbase account, and complete your purchase! If you have any issues throughout the purchasing process, please contact us. We’ll do whatever we can to help you through the cryptocurrency purchasing process. You can also check out Coinbase support for more help when purchasing through cryptocurrency.


We hope this guide has shown you how easy and secure it is to purchase our antique furniture for sale using cryptocurrency. If you’re a crypto-enthusiast looking to learn more about the wide world of antiques, we have more guides on the very topic. Interior design is one of our specialities. If you’re looking to renovate your home or office, why not check out our page? If you prefer to pay in cash, we also have a beautiful antique showroom in Malton you may wish to visit.

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