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What are Dried Flowers?

Over the past couple of months, the dried flower trend has taken off. The number of interior design pages on Instagram that have followed the movement has resulted in soaring sales for dried flower bouquets. Whilst you can’t go wrong with fresh flowers and the amazing scents they add to your home, buying a few bunches of dried flowers in which you can change up seasonally seems to be the way to go.

Why Choose Dried Flowers?

The ease of looking after dried flowers is much more desirable than fresh flowers. With fresh flowers, you have to keep them alive and watered to give them longevity. The dried flowers look after themselves. Dried flower bouquets update and transform any piece of furniture into an interior statement such as bedside tables, mantlepieces, coffee tables and windowsills.

Dried flowers are a route into giving your home texture, with stems of Pampas Grass, Reeds, Broom Grasses and Eucalyptus becoming the most popular neutral arrangements to create a natural and vintage look. Not only in the home are dried flowers becoming a desirable option, but they are also becoming a popular option for weddings. Dried flower centrepieces, bridal bouquets and feature flowers walls look amazing at both traditional and rustic weddings. They create a boho and relaxed atmosphere and great photo opportunities for the wedding party to stand in front of a dried flower archway to create a beautiful background and setting for pictures on your special day. In addition, dried flowers as wedding bouquets are great keepsakes for your bridesmaids and bridal party. You can transfer them into a vase at home, which you can keep forever to remember the special day they shared with you.

Our Dried Flowers for Sale

Currently, within the showroom, we have some individual bunches of dried flowers along with some premade bouquets and door wreaths made out of dried Danish wheatgrass. Door wreaths are another popular trend that has continued throughout the rest of the year from Christmas. Dried flower wreaths can last a reasonable amount of time and have become a sustainable option to add some character to the front door of any home. The red autumnal ones are generally the most popular. For spring and summer, wreaths containing daisies, lavender and hibiscus flowers are beautiful alternatives to give your front door some style and colour all year round.

In October 2021, we took part in a wreath making course to create wreaths for the showroom for the festive period, which were a great success. As it gets closer to spring, we will be changing these up and creating some spring ones, which will slowly start making their way into the showroom. The dried flower stand, which currently has bunches of red largus, babala and red broom grasses, will be changed to spring pinks and yellows for the warmer months.

All our dried flower bunches are available for purchase on the Tallboy Interiors website.

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