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The 20th century was perhaps the most turbulent century, both in art and the wider world. Rapidly advancing technology, changing cultures and new perspectives led to truly unique art that forged new genres. As a result, the 20th-century art range at TallBoy Interiors is one of our most diverse and expansive, covering countless styles from across the era.

Learn more about 20th-century art, and explore our current 20th-century artwork for sale below.

What is 20th Century Art?

20th-century art is hard to encapsulate under one singular umbrella. The artwork of the 19th century was almost monolithic, predominantly focussing on expressionism. Yet, the 20th century has everything from cubism to futurism.

20th Century art does, however, have one thing in common. Art became less focussed on the subject but rather the composition itself and the meaning behind it. As a result, shifting perspectives, dream-like brushstrokes and broad splashes of colour can be seen across the board.

Our Range of 20th Century Art

Our range of 20th-century artwork at TallBoy Interiors covers a wide range of styles from across the decades. We find many of our art pieces in our travels to France, where subjects focused on French life's minutia were common. Our French Impressionist pieces' gorgeous pastel colours and smooth brushstrokes make these a perfect fit for any home. We'd thoroughly recommend our artwork from the renowned French Artist Jules Ernest Renoux for work like this.

Jules Ernest Renoux Painting

Of course, we also have pieces for other artists across the globe. Currently in stock is a gorgeous 80's piece from Liz Keyworth,  a 20th-century British artist. The watercolour we offer features an abstract impressionist approach, with the dense foliage being captured in broad brush strokes and subdued tones.

Liz Keyworth Painting

If you're looking for abstract 20th-century artwork, we would like to draw your gaze to this gorgeous Adam Ralston piece.

Adam Ralston Piece

Labelled as "Untitled", this striking piece incorporates a mixed media approach with abstract forms in a twilight palette. The photographic elements blend in with the chaotic and swirling shapes inside the dark timber frame, creating an eye-catching piece that retains a contemporary feel to this day.

Our range of 20th-century art sells fast, and we find new pieces quite often. So make sure to check back regularly and purchase right away to ensure you find the perfect piece for you.


We hope this guide has given you a detailed overview of our range of 20th-century artwork at TallBoy Interiors. We offer a wide range of art for sale, from the 17th century to the modern era. These pieces pair perfectly with our stock of gorgeous antique furniture, which you can peruse here. For more information and a first-hand look at our 20th-century art pieces, why not check out our antique showroom in Malton?

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