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Business is all about presentation. Interior design can be the be-all and end-all of a brick-and-mortar business, so it is vital to ensure it’s done correctly. TallBoy Interiors brings an exciting new approach to Commercial Interior Design, providing a complete service covering everything from furniture procurement to the upholstery required.

Learn more about the art of Commercial Interior Design, its purpose and why TallBoy Interiors is the team for the job below.

What is Commercial Interior Design?

Furnishing a business is a tricky task, with many factors to consider. A few pieces of furniture can fundamentally change budget, branding and even the general atmosphere of your location. Finding a suitable layout for your restaurant or hotel, for example, can be a nightmare. These are locations that will hold potentially hundreds of people a day. A professional touch is your best bet for providing a pleasing environment.

Commercial Interior Design places the challenge of developing a cohesive, beautiful retail space on our expert team. Our in-house upholsterer to our antique purchasing team knows how to put together a room.  We design beautiful locations filled with antique seating, tables and more that will be adored by customers and yourself alike.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Interior Design?

The most significant benefit of commercial interior design is the convenience it provides for your business. However, designing a retail space isn’t just about aesthetics. Juggling and balancing branding with accessibility and practicality is a nightmare for the inexperienced. Our team at TallBoy Interiors helps you create a layout conducive to your business operations whilst remaining elegant and timeless. 

Why choose TallBoy Interiors?

TallBoy Interiors is beginning to establish itself as a new option for commercial interior design. Based in Malton, we provide a full suite of commercial interior design services. We procure our antique furniture across the UK and EU, reupholster the fabrics ourselves, and place them perfectly in your room.

Our service is almost one-of-a-kind in the commercial interior design industry, especially in the UK. This is because TallBoy Interiors creates designs utilising antique furniture almost entirely. Antique furniture offers countless advantages over its contemporary counterparts. Their superior quality and aged materials exude a sense of class and provide any space with a high-end feel.


The antique furniture we utilise in our commercial interior design services is often unique, a perfect way to stand out from your competitors. Unlike contemporary furniture, reupholstering and reusing antique furniture is a highly sustainable way to decorate your room.

If you’d like to see our work in person, why not come down to our antique showroom in Malton? Based in an old Georgian Chapel, you’ll find countless examples of antique furniture, with each one being unique from the last. We display many of our antique armchairs and sofas in a neutral white calico, allowing you to picture the item in the colour and pattern of your choosing.


We hope this guide has shown you the countless benefits of our commercial interior design services. TallBoy Interiors is home to numerous gorgeous pieces of antique furniture for sale that are sure to look perfect in your business. Learn more about Kilim Rugs, a popular item at the minute, and more with our range of blogs. Contact us today to take advantage of our commercial interior design services.

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