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Pottery pieces are some of the most beautiful antique pieces on the market. Lovingly handcrafted with unique designs and stories throughout the ages, a terracotta olive jar has been an enduring and iconic design that looks perfect in any home.

Terracotta Olive Jars are a frequent item in our stock, yet no two are ever truly alike. Today, the expert team at TallBoy Interiors brings you an in-depth guide to terracotta pottery and olive jars. We're ready to help you understand the terracotta piece you may be bringing home! Learn more below.

What is Terracotta?

Terracotta is a clay-based baked ceramic, seeing use in countless cultures from across the centuries. Terracotta is well-known for its red-orange hue when unpainted, alongside its ease of use for both practical and decorative applications.

From the Greeks to the International Gothic era, terracotta has been a vital tool in sculpting and pottery. One of the most famous examples of terracotta artefacts is the 'Terracotta Army'.

What are Terracotta Olive Jars?

Terracotta's use in practical and decorative applications has led to it featuring in pottery work from countless centuries. As a result, terracotta pottery gives us a unique insight into the past, with decorative features highlighting the artistic stylings at the time.

A terracotta olive pot has an iconic, traditional pot shape that looks great in any home. In addition, the reddish hue that is so iconic to terracotta pottery looks blends in well with most colour schemes, especially against plain walls.

19th century Greek Olive Pot #1

Currently in stock on our site is this gorgeous 19th-century terracotta olive pot, undoubtedly worthy of a place in your home. Most likely of Greek origin, the pot has gained a stunning patina after years of use outdoors. This Greek Olive Pot is elegant in its simplicity, with subtle lined details adorning the top. The understated design makes It a perfect pot for both indoor and outdoor use and one of our favourite examples we've had so far.

Looking for Terracotta Oliver Jars?

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We hope this guide has served as a perfect introduction to terracotta olive jars and pottery. If you'd like a first-hand look at the world of terracotta olive jars, why not pay a visit to our antique showroom in Malton? TallBoy Interiors is home to countless guides covering the wonderful world of antiques, just like this one. Check out our blogs page today!

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